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Welcome to Ricmotech™, home of the most vigorously designed racing simulators and racing simulator hardware ever built. We can confidently say this because every aspect of our simulator products is analyzed, tested and optimized to extract the highest level of performance and realism possible. Our extensive research in anthropometrics, ergonomics and body mechanics is behind our passion for recreating a truly realistic sim-racing experience. Every product we design is built with these principles in mind and every product we sell contributes to this goal. Products are designed and selected to have aspects of the racing experience that are as realistic as possible, no more and no less. We build more than just a frame that holds the steering wheel in place. Our racing simulators are designed and engineered to put you in the driver's seat of a high-performance car. From the design of the simulator itself, which is designed to look like it’s in motion by incorporating automotive styling cues, to the way every component is selected and calibrated to provide the driver with the most realistic racing experience in the industry .

Our racing simulators are used by amateur and professional race car drivers to keep their skills sharp and improve their reaction times. Our simulators are also used by enthusiasts to compete against other sim-racers online.

DriveSight™, a suite of technologies synergized by Ricmotech™, creates the most realistic view of the road ahead, an experience unlike any other simulator on the market today. DriveSight™ presents the driver with intuitive visual cues which fill the driver's peripheral vision to best perceive speed, distance and direction.

So whether you drive race cars on the track and are looking to improve your reaction times or you are a racing enthusiast that wants to get as close as possible to the real experience, a Ricmotech™ racing simulator is the only way to acheive it. This is why we say "This ain't your kid's racing game!"

Cheetah Sport Racing Simulator
Starting at: $4,900.00