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For over 10 years.

A Different Experience

Ricmotech, also known as Ricmo, is the most complete source for all sim-racing hardware products. We have it all from starter kits and do-it-yourself plans to professional level gear and complete motion simulators. Our aim is to continue connecting with sim racing enthusiasts and professionals across the world. 

Since 2011, Ricmotech is different. By specializing in all levels of simulators and equipment our customers get unbiased advice to put them in the simulator that is right for them. Whether you are looking to create your simulator one piece at a time or need a complete system engineered to perform, we have you covered.

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Get Hands On

Stop by our showroom in Miami Lakes, FL during regular business hours to get hands-on with all levels of simulator gear. We feature budget and entry-level equipment for those just getting started or those looking to take the racing game experience to a higher level, while simultaneously catering to our discerning clients looking for an unparalleled simulator experience.

Our online store has hundreds of products for the competitive sim racer and our legendary customer service is second to none.

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Sims for Every Driver

The Ricmo showroom features seven fully functional simulators and hundreds of pieces of high-performance gear sprinkled throughout. This is truly a racer's candy store. 

For those just looking to train on a high end simulator or take an extended test drive we offer hourly rental of our in-store sims. Give us a call to book time on one of our systems.

From the inside out.

We Know Sim Gear

Since the very beginning, Ricmotech has not only been putting simulators together, but has always been relentless about making them perform at their best. 

This is why we manufacture many of our own products and have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of every product we carry. Since day one the Ricmotech brand has been synonymous with making sim equipment better and we will stop at nothing to continue improving the experience.

This deep understanding of the inner workings of a simulator is what powers our legendary technical support.