Calibrating the Thrustmaster TH8A and TH8RS Shifter for the Ricmotech TMSS Short Shift Adapter

Usually the TH8A shifter ships calibrated from the factory where it works correctly with our short-shift modification plate, but in some instances it does not. If you find that you have to push the shift knob to get it to engage in a gear, or that some gears don’t engage at all, then this calibration procedure will solve the problem.

You will need to download and install the following software: TH8 RS Calibration v1.0.7.0 (This software can also be downloaded from the Thrustmaster support website located here: )

This advanced calibration software enables you to adjust electronic gear stroke settings, and recalibrate the shifter as required. After following these instructions, click Close to exit the software, then disconnect the shifter from the USB port before reconnecting it. All your settings will then automatically be saved to your shifter’s internal memory, and will function on the PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Important note:
To avoid problems, the TH8 RS Control Panel MUST be closed before the calibration software is started.

Plug the shifter into a USB port on the PC then start the calibration application by double-clicking the TH8 RS Calibration icon.

The following screen appears:


Move the stick into all 8 gears (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-R) until the white line fits within each of the 8 green rectangles.
The upper 4 green rectangles represent the signals received for gears 1-3-5-7
The lower 4 green rectangles represent the signals received for gears 2-4-6-R

Place the stick back to the center and wait for the CALIBRATE OK tab to turn green. You have completed the calibration process.


Test the calibration by moving the lever twice into each gear position. First place into 1st gear, the gear will turn yellow, go back to neutral and into 1st gear again. Repeat with 2nd gear then 3rd and so on, ending with Reverse gear. Each gear will first turn yellow then green.


When all gears have tested well the Test H8 – OK tab turns green.


You can proceed to fine-tune the shifter or you can skip this step by closing the application and removing the shifter, the setting will be saved to the shifter.

To fine-tune the shift points use your mouse to move the green lines drawing the green rectangles at your convenience. This setting will enable you to determine at which point the signal for each speed is triggered.



As an example, the two green horizontal lines have been moved closer to the neutral slot. This will cause the gears to engage sooner.


During this phase, make sure that you do not exceed the limits; the white lines must always fall within the green rectangles. You can check this by shifting into gear; the rectangle must always be highlighted in green when you shift into the relevant gear.

When you are satisfied with your adjustments, click Apply: the Fine-Tune Saved tab then turns green.


For more fine-tuning that can be performed on your shifter please refer to the Thrustmaster support page located here: