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Since its inception, Clark Synthesis has been building quality audio transducers and has maintained its position as the leader in tactile sound products. With an emphasis on providing durable, full-frequency transducers, Clark Synthesis has been privileged to gain a wide variety of customers around the world. In fact, our products are used in several markets, including Spas, Swimming Pools, Home Theater, Military and Flight Simulation, ProSound, Entertainment, and Outdoor Living in addition to Racing Simulators.

For years, Clark Synthesis Transducers have given people what no other product can…another dimension to movies, music, and gaming. When attached to furniture or platforms, these transducers turn sound into vibrations, allowing you to actually feel the tremble of tire skids, the rumble of engines, or the kick of a rumble strip. With a Clark Synthesis Transducer, you’ll feel sound and start to experience movies, music, and gaming like never before!

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Clark Synthesis Platinum Tactile Transducer Clark Synthesis Platinum Tactile Transducer
List Price: $599.95
Your Price (USD): $549.95
Savings: $50.00

Small Kinetic Isolators Small Kinetic Isolators
Your Price (USD): $9.99
3.5mm Stereo Splitter Adapter 3.5mm Stereo Splitter Adapter
Your Price (USD): $3.19