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Race-Car-Feel Brake Conversion Load Cell v2 for Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO and T500RS Pedals

Pedal set shown is not included.

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Compatability: Thrustmaster T500RS & T3PA-PRO Pedals

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days
Item #: RMT-LC500

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the best upgrade for T500RSThe most realistic load cell conversion kit for the Thrustmaster T500RS/T3PA pedal set has just gotten better. Want to improve your lap times? The load cell upgrade will help you get there by upgrading the brake pedal on your Thustmaster pedal set from a travel sensitive, potentiometer-based pedal to a force sensitive based load cell pedal. The additional effort required to apply maximum braking force will help you better modulate the braking force. Our unique combination of the 2-stage spring/bushing and precision load cell create the proper exponentially progressive feel akin to a hydraulic brake pedal. Our spring/bushing assembly is designed to ease the return on the brake pedal to better replicate the feel of a hydraulic brake pedal. The pedal eases back up rather than snapping back like the original spring, while still releasing braking force to keep you fast on the track.

"The human brain/body system modulates most effectively by force, not by displacement. The side control sticks on current fighter aircraft hardly move. The feel of the brake pedal should approach the firmness and consistency of a brick. There are several factors at work here . . . "
(Stephen Ruiz, Engineering Manager and Carroll Smith, Consulting Engineer at StopTech LLC)

If you are looking for a load cell upgrade kit has been engineered to replicate the feel and reaction of a real race car brake system then you have found it. The LC500 load cell kit is designed to replicate the pedal travel and resistance of Formula 1, Daytona Prototypes, Formula Fords and spec Miata braking systems to replicate the ultimate in realism. The version 2 kit now includes two different urethane bushings and spacers to permit adjusting the firmness and deadzone feeling of the pedal. When the brake pedal is under mid to full braking load the pedal remains at a steady height to make heel-toe downshifting possible without upsetting the balance of the car. Unlike the original and aftermarket bushings and bumpers, the load cell provides a linear response from your braking effort; 50% more force = 50% more braking.

load cell testimonial

Load Cell vs. Conical Brake Mod

The T3PA-PRO pedals include a factory supplied "conical brake mod" which is intended to feel just like a load cell. Don't be fooled! This device makes the pedal feel increasingly firmer the further it is pressed, making harder to move. However, the pedal is still using a potentiometer and is still reading movement rather than force. So while the game is determining braking by how far the pedal has moved, the "conical brake mod" is preventing the pedal from moving creating a dis-proportioned amount of in-game braking relative to the force being applied to the pedal. A load cell changes everything completely. The load cell replaces the potentiometer and turns the pedal into a purely force-based reading. Therefore, any additional force on the pedal directly translates into a proportional amount of braking applied in the game. This leads to better control over the brakes resulting in better lap times.

The upgrade kit includes all the parts needed to complete the installation, the load cell, electronics, spring and two urethane bumpers for varying pedal firmness, stainless steel shims for adjusting deadzone, mounting bracket, adapter cable, and wire management. All components in this kit fit neatly inside your pedal assembly to protect everything from physical damage and allowing thepedals to be used in floor or inverted orientations. Detailed instructions are provided with photos taking you step-by-step through the process. No electronics skills are required to complete the conversion, everything is shipped ready to plug in and can always be removed to revert your pedals back to original.

Unlike other pedals which utilize cheap load cells originally designed for use in a postal scale, the load cell in the LC500 upgrade kit is a medical-grade load cell designed to withstand much higher loads at faster response times. The load cell is designed to have an unlimited life cycle and the accompanying components are designed to be equally as robust.


We have discovered that a small percentage of early T500RS pedal units sold in Europe and Asia have a design difference. These units had a press-fit spring post rather than a plastic screw-on style spring post. The spring post on this unit requires cutting it shorter to clear the lever plate that is part of this load cell kit. Please look at the pictures below and if your pedals look like the ones shown, most users that have encountered this have cut the post with a Dremel tool or drilled it out completely.

Early version of T500RS Pedals
Spring Post
If your brake pedal looks like this from the bottom . . .
. . . you will have to remove this spring post

The LC500 load cell kit is not made by nor endorsed by Thrustmaster. The Thrustmaster name and the T500RS and T3PA-PRO names are the property of Guillemot corporation and is used for reference purposes only. Installation of this kit voids the factory warranty on your pedal set.
Product Review by The Sim Pit
1-Minute Review by The Sim Pit
Review by ISRtv
  • Includes 2 bushings for setting pedal firmness to user preference
  • Includes 2 spacer shims for adjusting deadzone to user preference
  • Feels like an F1, Daytona Prototype, Formula Ford type brake pedal
  • Maximum braking at 70 lbs (31kg)
  • More accurate braking by increased force range
  • Exponentially Progressive Pedal Resistance like real brake pedals
  • Realistic Pedal Travel and Return
  • Linear Braking Response - unlike springs and rubber inserts
  • Most realistic load cell upgrade kit available
  • Feels best when driving with shoes on
  • Simple Installation
  • Fully Concealed Design - fits neatly inside pedal housing
  • Components protected from physical damage
  • Can withstand up to 175 lbs without damage
  • Works with all games compatible with stock pedals
  • Pedals work when plugged into T500, T300, TX, and T150 wheels
  • Medical-Grade Accuracy (+/-1%) Load Cell
  • Unlimited Life-Cycle
  • Fast Response Time
  • Hard-mounting your pedals is recommended
  • Pedals can always be returned to stock configuration
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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Excellent upgrade to Thrustmaster pedals! May 8, 2017
Reviewer: Russell Abraham from Shillington, PA United States  
If you already have Thrustmaster  pedals then this is the perfect upgrade for you. Once it's installed you can't tell by looking at the pedals but you can tell a huge difference when driving. The install is easy, and very professional looking. You'll definitely want to have your pedals hard mounted to a rig because of the force it takes for realistic braking. Overall this is an excellent product!

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Lovin' it ^_^ April 5, 2017
Reviewer: Francois Strat from Paris, Ile de France France  
What to say... this loadcell is the only things that misses to the T500 pedals to be near perfection !!!

Installation is kind of easy if you know how to use your hands and some tools. (1 hour for me).
No detection problem under win 7.
Works perfectly in rFactor 2, AMS, Assetto Corsa...

Brake feeling becomes your best friend and you'll have a brand new experiance on Sim racing !
You'll be able to feel that little moment when tyres are to the limit of grip (of course with a good ffb setting)...

Thanks Ricmotech for this brilliant product :D
100% recommanded for any T500 user !


PS1 : Little note for the Frenchies who wants to buy from this website ... I had a 45€ Customs duty to pay before they chip it to me.

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Awesome service January 25, 2017
Reviewer: Omar from Macon, GA United States  
Bought this for my friend's son as a gift, He loved it.
But the guys at ricmotech were awesome in every way when it came to purchasing the item

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Load cell brake January 22, 2017
Reviewer: Michael Temple from Newton aycliffe , Dl55ht United Kingdom  
hi , very impressed with the shipping of this item I received item in 3 days of ordering , seem to be struggling with the mod slightly , tried a few different things . Such as cutting the rubber bush of the previous mod and placing in side the spring along with cutting the supplied bush down ,
Seem to give a better feeling .

Hopefully get the hang of it soon , might revert back if not

Kind regards

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Best sim upgrade ever! January 6, 2017
Reviewer: Pascal from The Netherlands  
I'm super happy. Placed my order and item was shipped quickly. In my hands withing 3 days from USA to the Netherlands with DHL express (very nice).

Installation was easy and took me about 30-45 mins. If you can read and follow simple instructions this shouldn't be an issue. Had to put an extra screw in to mount my pedals to my seat cause I'm braking with so much more force now. Great workout.

The best part about the load cell are the results I'm getting. I decided to see how close I could get to my personal best time on a track I know like the back of my hand, Silverstone GP. It takes some getting used to but after 30 mins I was within 1 sec of my personal best, and after 1,5 hours I had beaten my record by 2 tenths of a second. I never expected to so quickly see these kinds of improvements.

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