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Race-Car-Feel Brake Load Cell Conversion for Logitech G25, G27, G29 and G920 (v2)

Race-Car-Feel Brake Load Cell Conversion for Logitech G25, G27, G29 and G920 (v2)
Pedal assembly shown is not included.

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Compatibility: Logitech G25, G27, G29 and G920

Item #: RMT-LC27

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I can say with 99% certainty that the load cell is solely responsible for my improvements

The next generation Ricmotech load cell conversion kit for the G25,G27, G29 and Logitech G920 pedals is here. Want to improve your lap times? This Ricmotech load cell upgrade will help you get there by upgrading the brake pedal on your Logitech pedal set from a travel sensitive, potentiometer-based pedal to a force sensitive, based load cell pedal. Our unique combination of the 2-stage spring and precision load cell create the proper exponentially progressive feel akin to a hydraulic brake pedal. An all-new feature we just added to this Logitech pedal upgrade dampens the return on the brake pedal to better replicate the feel of a hydraulic brake pedal. Now the pedal eases back up rather than snapping back like the original spring, while still releasing braking force to keep you fast on the track.

"The human brain/body system modulates most effectively by force, not by displacement. The side control sticks on current fighter aircraft hardly move. The feel of the brake pedal should approach the firmness and consistency of a brick. There are several factors at work here . . . "
(Stephen Ruiz, Engineering Manager and Carroll Smith, Consulting Engineer at StopTech LLC)

If you are looking for a soft and mushy brake pedal then this is not the load cell for you, but if you are looking for a Logitech pedal upgrade kit that has been engineered to replicate the feel and reaction of a real race car brake system then you have found it. The LC-27 load cell kit is designed to replicate the pedal travel and resistance of Formula 1, Daytona Prototypes, Formula Fords load cell recommendationand spec Miata braking systems to grant you the ultimate in realism. When the brake pedal is under mid to full braking load the pedal remains at a steady height to make heel-toe downshifting possible without upsetting the balance of the car.

To get the most from the Logitech pedal upgrades you should keep the following tips in mind. Your brake will now have a soft initial travel range followed by a very stiff range. The soft range replicates the travel of the brake pads before they make full contact with the brake rotors. This range will give you about 5% to 10% braking force (depending on your final brake calibration). Use this braking range to get the weight of the car to transfer to the front wheels without applying too much braking force. Once the vehicle’s weight is on the front wheels you can apply more braking force without putting the car into an under-steer condition.

At this point, the brake will feel like you are pressing on a brick and will respond to how hard you press on it. This range replicates what happens after the brake pads are in full contact with the brake rotors and there is no further movement of the brake components. At this point the brake pedal is near even height with the throttle pedal (except G25). This facilitates proper heel-toe downshifting since the brake is kept at the same height regardless of how much braking force you need to apply.

The Logitech pedal upgrade kit includes all the parts needed to complete the installation. The Ricmotech load cell, three-stage spring and rubber bumper assembly, insulators, wire management and electronics that all fit inside your existing plastic spring housing to protect them from dust and debris. Only a small hole is required on your existing spring housing for the wiring as shown in the photos. Detailed instructions are provided with photos taking you step-by-step in the process. No electronics skills are required to complete the conversion.

Unlike other Logitech pedal upgrade kits which utilize a load cell originally designed for use in a postal scale, the Ricmotech load cell in the LC27 upgrade kit is an industrial grade load cell designed to withstand much higher loads at faster response times. The Ricmotech load cell is designed to have an unlimited life cycle and the accompanying components are designed to be equally as robust.

Ricmotech load cells are recommended to be used with a robust chassis that has an integrated seat. Using the load cell when the seat is not at a fixed distance from the pedals will result in awkward positioning and discomfort while driving. Ricmotech does not recommend using the load cell with wheel stands, office chairs, folding chairs and the like. An outward "leg press" position works best.

Additional Features of Version 2

  • Easier Installation
  • Pedal configuration changes are no longer required in your PC Games
  • Retains compatibility with all PlayStation and Xbox games that support the G25/G27/G29/G920 wheels
  • Improved pedal travel over Verison 1
  • Dampened pedal feel just like real brakes

The LC27 Ricmotech load cell kit is not made by nor endorsed by Logitech. The Logitech name and the G25 and G27 names are the property of the Logitech companies and is used for reference purposes only. Installation of this Logitech pedal upgrade kit by yourself or by Ricmotech voids the factory warranty on your Logitech pedal set.
Step-by-Step Logitech Pedal Upgrade- Ricmotech Load Cell Installation
Sim Racing Legend Reviews Ricmotech Load Cell Kit.
  • Logitech pedal upgrade feels like an F1, Daytona Prototype, Formula Ford type brake pedal Most realistic load cell mod available
  • Replicates Exponentially Progressive Pedal Stiffness
  • Dampened Pedal Feel
  • Feels Best when Driving with Shoes On
  • Simple Installation
  • Compact Design fits neatly inside original housing
  • Components protected from physical damage
  • Medical-Grade Accuracy (+/-1%) Load Cell
  • Unlimited Life-Cycle
  • Fast Response Time
  • Hard-mounting your pedals is recommended
  • Pedals can always be returned to stock configuration
  • V2 now retains compatibility with All PC, Xbox One and PS3/4 games
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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5 of 5 Fantastic upgrade, but get the Bodnar cable too! October 6, 2020
Reviewer: Bryan from Rockford, IL United States  
I use the load cell on my G29 pedals and was initially pretty happyish with the results. It felt better for sure, but I was having a lot of trouble being consistent in heavy braking zones. Well, I did more research and come to find out there's a brake curve baked into the firmware of the G29 that even with the load cell will not give you a linear brake reading. MAYBE it says that somewhere and I missed it, but I'm telling you now if you modding your G29 YOU MUST get the Bodnar cable to go with this load cell. Once I installed the cable it is absolutely everything I could have ever hoped for. Great feel, predictable and repeatable. Certainly adding years of use to my G29 setup! So overall very happy with the upgrade, even if it took a little more investment and work than I originally thought. Still well worth it!

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5 of 5 Brilliant piece of kit September 17, 2020
Reviewer: Chris Humble from Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand  
Found it very easy to install and works better than expected. Recommend it without a doubt.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Phenomenal September 17, 2020
Reviewer: Jev Davies from Donington, Lincolnshire United Kingdom  
This load cell conversion is absolutely phenomenal. I was losing time under braking with the stock pedal and couldn't trail brake,. After a few weeks with it I'm trail braking with no abs in f1, also gaining time under braking. I thought I would save a few tenths with it but I was shocked as many to see seconds coming off my times.

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4 of 5 Load Cell for Logitech G29 September 10, 2020
Reviewer: MOHD Jasri MD JOONOOS from GELUGOR, PULAU PINANG Malaysia  
Followed the youtube guide on the installation. Did some re-calibration on iRacing for the pedals. Took a few days for my muscle memory. I can say that now i have a more improved and consistent lap timing in my sessions. But sadly it did not work on Project Cars 3 probably because i'm using Leo Bodnar adapter and i can't get it to detect the "Brake". Have not test on other Sim yet.

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5 of 5 Excellent September 1, 2020
Reviewer: Chris from Brownsburg, IN United States  
My order shipped ahead of schedule. All the pieces were accounted for upon receipt. Installation was easy. A youtube video link was provided to help with the install. The load cell works well with games on the PS4.

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