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In many sports, athletes train using machines. For instance, baseball players practice in batting cages and boxers practice on punching bags. It's no secret that race car drivers, both amateur and professionals alike, also benefit from practice. This means spending time in their car on the track. Typically, that involves a significant expense for track time, fuel, tires, wear on the car and possibly even damaging the car. Not to mention, the time and expense of trailering the car to the track and the crew needed to make mechanical adjustments to the car.

Obviously, there is no substitute for real time spent on the track. However, if you could augment track time with a much more economical and equally effective substitute, wouldn't you? Of course you would.

This is why drivers have taken advantage of simulation. Our high performance simulators and equipment are built to mimic reality as closely as possible. Ricmotech simulators are designed to provide the driver with accurate and useful visual, audible and tactile cues while leaving out the arcade and amusement park effects. This means can get a few hours of practice every day and try various racing lines and techniques without the expense of a track day.

The Ricmotech simulators provide the professional driver the tools needed to improve and perfect thier skills. Through our services, visual calibration is offered to present the driver with peripheral vision, full-scale images, and depth perception to best determine speed and distance. The simulator hardware operates with various simulation software titles to accommodate the customer's needs.

Our RealGear series of sim-racing equipment is intended to bring the quality components found in the real race car to the simulator. While other companies try to make pedals from scratch that try to come as close as possible to the real thing, RealGear products start life as the real thing and are then modified to perform in a simulator. Using real equipment is not a new concept, after all, this is how aircraft and military simulators are built.

Ricmotech sim-racing gear becomes an invaluable tool in the hands of amateur and professional race car drivers giving them the edge on raceday.