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AP-Xtreme G-Sense Active Restraints for APX1000+ Simulators

Ricmotech G-Sense Motion Simulator Alternative

Your Price (USD): $2,625.00
Compatibility: APX-1000, APX-2000, APX-3000
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Item #: APX-GSR


"The [G-Sense Active Restraint] system is amazing. So now we're getting pressure on the chest, just like we do in the car. All of a sudden, there's lateral Gs, forward and aft Gs, bumps, everything that we feel. There's sometimes driving this sim that I have a hard time not knowing I'm in a sim. It really does get that real. "

-Robby Unser. Nine-time Winner Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, 1998 IRL Rookie of the Year.

At Ricmotech, we had never been pleased with the way traditional home-use motion simulators conveyed g-forces to the driver. These have all been based on the principal that since g-forces in a car makes the driver lean, then leaning the driver will make them feel g-forces; well this is simply not the case. Our competitors would like you to believe that leaning the body backwards feels the same as accelerating the body forward, yet most drivers can tell the difference even when blindfolded. gSense is a complete departure from traditional motion simulators. Designed as a motion simulator alternative it utilizes a unique method of inducing g-force sensations on the body. Using a racing-style seat belt harness gSense grabs hold of the driver's body and applies pressure drawing the body back during acceleration, laterally during cornering and releasing the body forward during braking. The driver is never actually moved, but instead feels the sensations that would be exerted on the body. Moreover, the system can effectively re-create sustained g-forces on the body which makes the effects feel incredibly natural.

Straightaway, the driver can feel tire traction in their body. They can feel the tires gripping the pavement versus slipping on gravel elevating rallycross racing to a whole new level. They can feel the car cornering harder when the driver takes the perfect line through the turn.

  • Unique Bi-Lateral g-force sensations
  • Capable of sustained g-force sensations
  • Instantaneous feedback without lag
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Includes powerful SimCommander software for tailoring g-force effects
  • Includes SimVibe software to drive tactile shakers
  • Free Ricmotech telephone tech support

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