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SLI-Pro Shift Light Indicator DIY Board

SLI-Pro Shift Light Indicator DIY Board

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Compatibility: PC via USB


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A USB shift light indicator combined with joystick interface board - for PC simulator use only.

The majority of modern real race cars have some form of LED and/or LCD shift light display on the dash board to provide the driver with the optimal shift points and also to give them some vital information about their car. The SLI-Pro is the number one display to do just that in the world of simulation.

With some simple plugins and software utilities you can configure the SLI-Pro to show your optimal rev shift point and extract all kinds of car information to display on the device including RPM, gear, speed, engine temperature, tyre pressures, lap time, lap delta...plus many, many more. You can also connect buttons, rotary encoders and rotary switches to the device to scroll through different information on the LED displays so you don't even have to take your hands off the wheel. The SLI-Pro is also a USB joystick interface so you can use buttons and switches for other functions within your simulator software, such as pit limiter or adjusting the brake bias without even installing any extra drivers. Just connect them up, plug the device into the PC and it will detect the buttons right away.

With 13 very bright LEDs for the revs (4 green, 5 red and 4 blue) you are given plenty of warning of when to shift either by illuminating one after the other, in blocks of colour or converging from each side.

6 more bright LEDs at the bottom of the display are used as warning lights which can be assigned with the configuration software. This is particularly useful for displaying such things as different flags, critical engine temperatures or other warnings from the car. 5 extra LEDS of your choice can also easily be wired into the device which you can use for further warning or shift lights.

The device is provided as the PCB only for use in a DIY application. With the use of our PCB dxf file template available in the downloads tab you can also make your own enclosure or cut out for your steering wheel or dash board.

The board is controlled by third party software such as SLImax Manager Pro or Fanaleds. Either of these applications can be downloaded from their respective websites and there may be an additional cost associated with them.

SLImax Manager Pro: http://www.eksimracing.com/
Fanaleds: http://fanaleds.com

Due to the do-it-yourself nature of this product we cannot accept returns. This item in not returnable.

  • 13 bright RPM LEDs across the top (4 green, 5 red and 4 blue)
  • Central gear indicator
  • Two 6-digit displays on each side
  • 6 bright warning LEDs across the bottom (left blue, yellow, red - right orange, green, blue)
  • 5 additional warning LEDS of your choice can also be connected.
  • 16 button / 8 rotary encoder inputs
  • 6 rotary switch inputs
  • 2 analog inputs with 10-bit (1024 steps) resolution each - ideal for potentiometer or hall sensor clutch paddles
  • Length - 4" / 102mm
  • Width - 1.2" / 30mm
  • Height - 0.57" / 14.5mm
  • Includes color-coded cables

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