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Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Wheel (110 Volt)

Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Wheel

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Compatibility: PC Only


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Thrustmaster has combined the next-generation technologies into their newest PC racing wheel, the TS-PC and are offering it with this unique Ferrari Challenge replica wheel rim. This wheel offers the PC racer the opportunity to realize better race track performance. The user will experience a better range of sensations through the steering wheel leading to better driving performance.

Thrustmaster has incorporated a new and stronger brushless motor which produces incredibly dynamic and powerful force-feedback effects. The force-feedback has been optimized to take advantage of the higher dynamic forces available from the motor and has added hardware to maintain this performance throughout long racing sessions.

There is a new and more efficient cooling system to keep the motor at its peak operating temperature during successive moments of peak demand. The result is 200% the dynamic response and 400% greater stall force when compared to Thrustmaster's previous generation technology.

The sensor precision has also been improved by way of a new algorithm that boosts the accuracy of the current H.E.A.R.T. system. The current system uses a remarkably accurate hall-effect sensor to read steering input, resulting in a highly accurate 16-bit signal. This new algorithm will capture finer details of steering input to improve the racing dynamics beyond the current implementation.

To keep a powerful wheel like this running optimally a new power supply had to be developed. The new TURBO external power supply is capable of 400 watts of peak power to provide the wheel with all the juice required to articulate the fine details this new wheel is capable of delivering. This power supply is 5 times more powerful that the power supply available to other wheels on the market.

This TS-PC wheel is mated with a Ferrari Challenge racing wheel. The new wheel is a 9:10 scale replica of the 488 Challenge car. It includes 8 buttons, 2 rotary buttons with push function and two directional pads with push functions for a total of 26 programmable functions. The wheel also features an Alcantara grip and 2 shift paddles of metal construction. Prominently placed tachometer LEDs make sure you never miss a shift.

This wheel is fully compatible with all Thrustmaster Ecosystem components which includes a wide range of additional wheel rims, two pedal options and the bulletproof 7-speed shifter.

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