Welcome to our new website!
We are quickly approaching our ten year anniversary and we wanted to revamp our website for the occasion.  This would now be our forth website redesign in this time. The very first website was a simple platform when Ricmotech first opened for business in 2011. The site served us well, but it was only temporary. Within the first 18 months we saw the need to grow, and that growth meant we needed a stable and secure website for our customers. We rebuilt the website on a new platform that offered these benefits for our customers. 

A few years after, we found a need to revamp the website once again. The mobile revolution was happening and our website wasn't keeping up. The mobile version of the site was a stripped down version of the desktop site and that wasn't going to cut it. The website needed a facelift. We take that for granted today, but back then is was very common for companies to have two website, one for the desktop and one for phones and tablets. The third iteration of our website was minimalistic in design which lent itself well to being reformatted for a mobile device. Now we had a website that simply rearranged its content to fit the screen so the user experience was the same no matter which device was used.

The minimalistic website design was a hit and we continue to get compliments on it to this day. This is why we decided to keep the website design the same with minor exceptions. We figured "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Where the platform needed fixing was on the back end. There are newer technologies that were simply not available with our previous platform. Some of these technologies improve navigation, page loading speed, privacy and security, and much more.

We are still working through the final bugs to have everything at 100%, but in the meantime enjoy the site and let us know if you find any errors and we will get right on it.