Why are my Thrustmaster pedals inverted?
So, you went to use your Thrustmaster wheel and pedals and you step on the gas expecting the car to smoke the tires—but instead what happens?! YOU GET NOTHING! Then you come to find out that the gas pedal is acting like the clutch and the clutch pedal is acting like the gas. "How can this be?" you ask! Is this a feature for right-hand drive cars? No wait, that's not it. So, why are your Thrustmaster pedals reversed?

The answer is very simple. The pedals on some Thrustmaster wheels can be flipped upside-down so the pedals hang. When you do this the gas and clutch signals need to be swapped. The Thrustmaster wheel can inverse your pedals very simply and unfortunately can happen accidentally. The pedal mode is switched by pressing and holding the MODE button on the front of the steering wheel base. This will change the power indicator from red to green and back again. Red indicated floor mounted pedals and green is for hanging pedals. If you were holding the servo base and inadvertently pressed the mode button you could have ended up switching the mode by mistake. 

The next time you encounter your Thrustmaster pedals being reversed, press the MODE button for three seconds, and your gas and clutch will swap. Simple... see, I told you.