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ButtKicker Racing Simulator Kit (110 Volt)

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Bolt -On Vibration Device with Amplifier
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Designed specifically to fit the RS1 simulators and other sim-racing chassis, this ButtKicker simulation kit includes the ButtKicker miniConcert, a bolt-in amplifier designed to mount under the RS1 platform and rubber isolation feet keep the simulator de-coupled from the floor. ButtKicker brings racing simulators to life with the Simulation transducer kit. Enter the 4th dimension of sound in under an hour! Take a look at what's included in the ButtKicker simulation kit:

ButtKicker Mini Concert Transducer
A ButtKicker® miniConcert low frequency effect audio transducer that is based on the larger BK-LFE tactile transducers (that have received with rave reviews around the world since they were introduced in late 1999). The BK-miniConcert is designed as a highly efficient, single seat transducer that requires minimal power and attaches directly to the simulator chassis (hardware sold separately, see the Related Items section). The magnetically suspended piston design pushes the resonant frequency of each ButtKicker transducer down to an ultra-low 9 Hz, allowing for a truly infrasonic, and usable, frequency range of 10 to 350 Hz! While other transducers produce their peak output at 60 to 80 Hz, ButtKicker transducers are still going strong up to three octaves lower. Experience realistic tactile effects such as engine rumble, gear shifts, track bumps and crashes the way you never knew you could on your racing simulator; all without disturbing others in the same room!

Class D Amplifier
The ButtKicker bolt-in mini digital power amplifier is specifically designed as the perfect power partner for a miniConcert transducer. Awesome features that are built-in: 2-ohm stability, variable 40 to 160 Hz low pass filter, a switchable 25 Hz rumble filter, and binding post speaker terminals. A Class D amplifier topology was chosen for this amplifier to keep efficiency high, and for its ability to be convection cooled with no need for a distracting cooling fan. One LFE RCA audio input, with 75 mV sensitivity, is paralleled to an RCA audio output for daisy-chaining amplifiers or connecting powered subwoofers. In addition to the faceplate controls, intensity can be controlled from your seat using the included wired remote control. Banana plugs are included for quick connection and convenience.

ButtKicker has included the cables you need for maximum system connectivity: a dual male to single female RCA Y-adapter, a 3.5 mm Y-adapter, a 5 ft. male-to-female RCA patch cable, and a 5 ft. stereo 3.5 mm male to stereo RCA adapter cable. Six RI-4 rubber isolators are included for isolating your simulator or simulator platform for maximum effect, as are six cable ties to keep the 10 ft. of 14 AWG speaker wire captive. Mounting hardware not included.

This unit is for 120 volt countries such as USA and Canada.


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