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Connecting Push Buttons

32 independent digital inputs for buttons and switches - No matrix, no diodes and no daisy-chaining. Each input has its own two terminals for GND and button input(GND can also be shared between inputs if necessary)

BBI-32 Simple Push Button Connection
BBI-32 Push Button Shared Grounds

Connecting Rotary Encoders

Support for up to 16 rotary encoders - A pair of digital inputs can be connected to a rotary encoder. All main types supported (1, 2 and 4 pulses per detent. Check the datasheet of your encoder to find out which type you have). Once connected, download our encoder software in the product downloads tab and set the pair of inputs to the encoder mode you require. Always use negative number for the first input, ie. 1-2, 3-4 etc.

BBI-32 Basic Rotary Encoder Connection

Connecting Rotary Switches

Connect 11 BBI-32 Rotary Switches for up to 132 inputs! - Our 12 position BBI rotary switches connect with only two wires! Simply solder two wires to the tabs on the bottom of the switch PCB, connect to a button input and let the controller do the work!
Switches connect only to buttons 1-11. Each switch is allocated 12 button inputs, and moves the next switch to the next available slot of 12. For example, a switch in B1 will use B1-12. With a switch also in B2, this will use B13-24. If the switch in B1 were not connected however and only the B2 switch, it would use B2-14.
You can also connect other standard buttons into the switch 12 button allocation for duplicate presses. For example a switch in B1 allocates B1 to B12. A standard button connected in B6 has the same effect when pressed as setting the rotary switch to position 6. If you do not want duplicate presses, you can change the starting position of the rotary switches 12 button allocations in the BBI-32 config software available in the downloads tab.

BBI-32 Basic Rotary Switch Connection

Encoder Calibration Software
DIview for calibrating the analog axis