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Setup Guide for New v4 Formula Wheel

Download and install the following on the simulator PC.

UGT Software for Rexing Wheels
(install this first)
Upgrade to latest Beta version
Plug the coiled cable from the wheel to the simulator PC.
Do not stretch the cable, please use a USB extension cable or a USB docking port near the wheel.

Open UGT Manager. Games will be detected if they have been run at least once.

Toggle data output on each game by clicking on the data output button.
Enabled = data is outputting.
Disabled = not outputting.
Info = data output is controlled by the game.
Click on info for any additional steps required.

Go to Global Options->Global mappings and map a button to Page_Up and Page_Down to change layouts when in a game

Go to Global Options->Global Settings to configure LED brightness and behavior and layouts available and special layout behavior.

Individual game settings and mapping can be configured by clicking on the game’s mappings or settings button.
Note, this overrides the global options for the specific game.

For more info on how to configure software, please refer to: https://ultimategametech.com/software/

For older Biokovo and GT steering wheels only
Setting Up Launch Control
PC Software Download
for Rexing Wheels
Profiles for Pro Firmware
for Rexing Wheels