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Our headquarters in Miami, FL is outfitted with one of our state-of-the-art simulators in a dedicated training room available to those drivers looking to prep for a race weekend or those simply looking to make the most out of a track day. We have various racing simulator rental arrangements available to help you become a better driver.

Rental Simulator

Single Simulator Use by the Hour

For those drivers looking for an edge at the track we offer use of our in-house simulators on an hourly basis. We offer a huge library of tracks and cars to choose from using various software platforms. Our flagship simulator features precision force-feedback steering, hydraulic racing pedals, tactile rumble and our exclusive Slip-Sense motion technology. Visuals are driver's choice of a nine foot wide wrap-around screen arrangement or virtual reality headset. Full telemetry data is captured to be reviewed on site. Bring in your coach or engineer help get the most from your time behind the wheel.

First Hour of the Day: $90
Each Additional Hour: $75

Coaching Simulator

Simulator for your Coach

Bringing your coach to the simulator session is an invaluable benefit. To make coaching even more beneficial we offer the ability to have your coach drive in a second simulator. These simulators feature high-performance force-feedback steering, hydraulic pedals and six foot wide wrap-around visuals. This allows your coach to drive on track with you to have lead-follow sessions. Full headset comms make the most of your driver development session.

Add $25 per hour to the rates above.

Coaching Partners

Training with in-House Coaches

If you are looking to prepare for a track day and are seeking a complete training experience then look no further than Ricmotech driving simulator rentals. Our clients can schedule time in our driver development lab with one of our own coaches whom have thousands of hours of on-track and in-sim experience. Our coaches use full data analysis to help the beginning driver learn basic race driving techniques or the advanced driver get even faster.

Starting at $150 per Hour

Simulator for Events

Special Events

Looking to put on a special event and wanting to draw a crowd with a racing simulator. We can set up a racing simulator rental for your event, provide simulator staffing and even conduct mini driver coaching sessions for your guests. Contact us for more information about what is possible with our driving simulator rentals.

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Virtual Race Car Experience 2-Hour Special Virtual Race Car Experience 2-Hour Special

Promotional Experience

Your Price (USD): $300.00
Sale Price: $150.00
Savings: $150.00