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Welcome to 2020 and the 2nd Annual Ricmotech Hot Lap Challenge Championship.

What is the Hot Lap Challenge?

For over a year now Ricmotech has been holding a monthly challenge on the third Wednesday of each month. The challenge involves an undisclosed car running at an undisclosed circuit on iRacing. The challengers do not learn of the car and track until the event goes live. Sometimes the event has an open setup and other times it is a fixed setup, the drivers never know what its going to be. This creates a fair and level starting point for the challenge. Any driver may join the challenge anytime after 6pm EST and has until 9:30pm to set one of the fastest three lap times of the session. At 9:30, the three fastest drivers go on track one at a time to try to set the fastest overall lap. That driver is awarded the monthly prize. The event is streamed live by Shaun Cole of The Sim Pit along with commentary by Kevin Ford of XtremeMotorsports99.com.

So what is the Hot Lap Championship?
For 2020 we are having a year-long championship. In addition to the monthly challenge and prize, which can be done by anyone, we have created a fun challenge to the 2020 Hot Lap Challenges. Participants in the Championship must register and points will be awarded during every monthly event for an overall prize at the end of the year. Points will consist of placement points for the top ten championship participants, participation points for all registered drivers that run a minimum number of laps during the event, and bonus points based on varying criteria determined each month. Only the best ten out of the twelve performances for each driver will be counted for championship points so drivers do not have to worry if they miss an event or if they underperform at an event.

How do I join?
Competing for the Championship is absolutely free. To join, drivers must fill out the application form below. To be eligible for the Championship prize drivers must be Ricmotech customers with purchases totaling a minimum of $100 by July 1st, 2020 and must participate in at least eight events throughout the 2020 season. Drivers should sign up even if they do not currently meet the purchase requirement so that points can be accumulated.

What can I win?
The top prize for the 2020 Champion will be $100 in RicmoBucks to be used on any products available in the Ricmotech store.

Points standings

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