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RealGear Momo MOD31 Lightweight Add-on Wheel for Thrustmaster

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Compatible with Xbox and Playstation
Part Number: RGR-THWKIT-MOD31
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Increase the sensations of your force-feedback effect when you put your hands on a wheel like this. By replacing the heavy steel rim on your Thrustmaster T-series wheel with this full-size, lightweight, real steering wheel with lightweight composite paddle shifters the force-feedback effects are felt with more detail. Your servo base will become more effective because there is less rotating mass to dampen the sensation. The result is a crisper sensation which improves your driving experience.

The kit includes a genuine Momo MOD31 suede wheel machined to fit around the original GTE wheel buttons and electronics so it is fully compatible with your wheel base. The paddles are machined from a fiberglass composite so they can be larger, but remain light and responsive. The Momo MOD31 Thrustmaster wheel mod is made from lightweight hardened aluminum for strength which transfers all nudges and vibrations cleanly and without distortion to the driver's hands.

This wheel is a full conversion to the larger size and it retains full functionality. All the buttons and the D-Pad function as they should so the wheel remains compatible with all PC and console games. There are no adapters used to fit this wheel to the hub, instead the wheel itself is accurately CNC machined for the proper bolt hole locations, D-Pad location and clearance for buttons so the wheel is mounted correctly without any unsightly gaps or extending the wheel further from the hub.

The paddles are created with a 2-piece design so the paddles can be made with a thick fiberglass material while the mounting brackets are made from a thinner and harder aluminum to attach properly to the internal mechanism.

The Thrustmaster wheel mod is a genuine Momo MOD31, available in two diameters, wrapped in with a genuine suede grip for the ultimate competition feel. We do not use cheap replica wheels for this item, this is built with a genuine Momo wheel rim. Don't be fooled by others.

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