2021 Ricmotech Humpday Championship
Ricmotech is giving away $500 in sim equipment. One invitation to the 2021 Ricmotech Humpday Championship will be awarded every month. Each month in 2021 we hold the Humpday Challenge and is an opportunity to be invited to the December Humpday Championship. The monthly Humpday Challenge consists of an undisclosed car and track. The car and track are revealed only minutes before the event begins. Racers will then have a 2-hour practice/qualifying session to get fast. The top 18 drivers will participate in a heat race and the top 12 finishers of that heat race move on to the feature race which may have an inverted grid. The top finisher of the feature race will be invited to the championship race in December. 

The Humpday Challenge is streamed live on The SimPit by Shaun Cole each third Wednesday of the month. Look for the the live stream on YouTube at The SimPit Channel

Once a driver has received an invitation, they are not eligible to be invited again, so the invitation will go to the next finishing position. 

The next monthly HumpDay Challenge is November 17th. 

The Humpday Championship event will be held on December 15th, 2021 and will have a similar format as the monthly Humpday Challenge, however there will be multiple heats. The racers that earned invitations will be joined by one additional driver chosen by the admins. The winner of the Ricmotech Humpday Championship will receive $500 worth of Ricmotech sim gear. 

Here’s how it works. 
  1. Join us every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6pm EST on The SimPit on YouTube to get the session password.
  2. Join the iRacing session using the password from the new UI.
  3. Drivers will have until 8:30pm EST to practice and get fast with the car.
  4. The 18 fastest drivers in that practice/qualifying session will race in the first heat race.
  5. Rules for the races will be explained during the session. Any rulings made by the admins is final.
  6. The top 12 finishers in the heat race will race in the feature race.
  7. The feature race may have an inverted grid.
  8. The top finisher (that has not been previously invited) will earn an invitation to the December Championship. Invited drivers must attend the December event.
  9. The 11 invited drivers (Jan-Nov) will be joined by one additional driver chosen by the admins.
  10. The final event will consist of multiple heat races where the grids may or may not be inverted.
  11. The winner of the December Ricmotech Humpday Championship shall win the $500 Ricmotech gift card.
As a bonus, the winner of each month’s event gets a Ricmotech swag pak.

Current Invitees (Jan – Oct)
  • Uldis Puteklis
  • Elvis Rankin
  • Andris Slisans
  • Nicholas Mukanos
  • Mike Dam
  • Shaun Cole
  • Kevin Burroughs
  • Bryan Heitkotter
  • Alessandro De Tullio
  • Nicklas Simonsen