APX-3000UW iRacing Simulator Package with SlipSense Motion

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RTA Kit with SlipSense Motion for Triple Large TVs
Part Number: APX-3000UWSS-PKG1
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The APX-3000UWSS iRacing simulator package includes a professional grade wheel and pedals for sim-racing on iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor, Project CARS, and many more titles. What really sets this package apart from the rest is our unique SlipSense motion system. The professional driving simulator package is delivered with everything needed and ready to be assembled. All components are tested and any firmware updates are installed prior to shipping. Two hours of technical support are included to help you with any problems along the way.

APX-3000UW Sim Racing Chassis

The Chassis

The basis of this iRacing simulator package is the APX-3000 chassis. From its inception, the chassis was designed to have the correct GT racing position. Instead of the "bus driver" position common to most other simulator chassis on the market, Ricmotech has taken careful measurements of real-world race cars and developed a sleek design while staying true to reality. This chassis has the flexibility to mount almost any piece of sim-racing equipment available today and in the future. This package includes the upgraded triple monitor frame to accommodate displays up to 42 inches in size.

Simulator Seat Options

The Seat

The professional driving simulator package includes a fixed-back bucket seat for the most authentic look and fit, but can be upgraded to a reclining seat which has an authentic look but with some added comfort or a genuine Momo seat as part of the Momo driver's package. No matter which one you choose, the seats include sliding rails to make fitting the simulator to different height drivers a snap.

Ricmotech Direct-Drive Servo Motor

The Wheel

This package integrates a professional grade direct-drive steering system for incredible smoothness and precise control. The latest technology in sim steering systems today is direct-drive force feedback and this direct-drive base is part of a complete system we have engineered to be as responsive as possible. We take direct-drive a step further engineering it with the lowest rotating mass possible. This wheel base has a whopping 16Nm of peak torque combined with the lightest internal rotating assembly which enables the driver to feel even the tiniest of details.

RealGear GTpro Tilton Pedals

The Pedals

The pedals we have included in this package are the professional grade RealGear GTpro3 Tilton pedal conversion. The GTpro3 pedals have a full hydraulic brake with a setting from 10 to 300 pounds of force, a clutch pedal with real pressure plate sensation and an ultra-sensitive throttle pedal. Most importantly, these pedals have the proper pedal geometry as what is found in a real race car.

Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter

The Shifter

The Thrustmaster T8HA shifter completes the driving experience. The robust Thrustmaster TH8A shifter has all metal construction so you can bang through the gates with confidence. It has an H-pattern and a sequential shift plate to let you use the shifter with various cars. The shifter has optional interchangeable knobs and an optional shirt-shift kit that make is a true pleasure to use.

iRacing PC Package

The PC

In this package we provide an in-house built PC specifically designed for sim-racing. The design has been tested to perform exceptionally well with iRacing and other popular sim-racing software. We ship the PC with all the needed drivers and software for running the provided hardware and iRacing is pre-installed and configured. This package is recommended to use displays up to 42 inches in size (displays not included).

  • Asus 170-Series Chipset Motherboard
  • Intel Core i7 3.4+ Ghz Processor with TurboBoost or better
  • 16Gb or more of Dual-Channel DDR4 Gaming RAM
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 or better
  • 1 TB Hard Drive
  • DVD Optical Drive
  • 8 USB Ports (4 USB 2.0 + 4 USB 3.0)
  • Gigabit Network Interface
  • Isolated Internal Audio Processing
  • 600 Watt Bronze Power Supply (or greater)
  • Windows 10 64-bit Home Edition
  • Pre-installed Device Drivers for Supported Sim-Racing Equipment

AP-Xtreme Options

Optional Upgrades

This chassis is designed to be fully upgradable, so your setup can grow as your passion for sim-racing grows. Not only can you upgrade the wheel pedals and shifter, but you can upgrade to any and all the accessories below. The simplicity of the slotted rails allows a multitude of options to be added. It truly is the ultimate in modularity.

  • Forth telemetry on-board monitor mount
  • VR Headset
  • Switch and button panel
  • Hand Brake
  • Multiple ButtKicker, Earthquake and/or Clark Synthesis shakers
  • Speaker mounts
  • Instrument cluster

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