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I installed the LC27 load cell but the pedal acts backwards or will not maintain calibration.
Last Updated: 12/03/2014
****This only pertains to our original LC27 load cell. The newer LC27-2, version 2 of the LC27, does not have this problem. To resolve this problem, you can order the V1 to V2 upgrade kit.*****

This is normal. The load cell increases its output as the pedal is pressed, while the original potentiometer lowers the output as the pedal is pressed. The majority of sim-racing titles for the PC can handle this. You must re-calibrate or sometimes even re-assign the axis for the brake pedal. Many sim titles will detect the Logitech wheel/pedals, but have no way of knowing the brake has been modified. On some titles such as the Simbin titles, you must repeat the procedure several times before the brake axis actually inverts. On other titles such as Live for Speed you must select to invert the brake axis before calibrating. On Richard Burns Rally you must edit the settings.ini file and change the line that says invertBrake=false to true.

Do not use the invert axis functionality in the Logitech Profiler. Some users have found that some games have issues with calibration when this function is used.
Some titles allow you to use less than full force on the brake pedal to achieve full braking. For these titles, you can press the pedal only as hard as you want during calibration and hen lock the settings in so you don't have to press the pedal so hard during racing. Other titles will change the calibration of the pedal everytime you press the pedal harder until maximum pedal force is reached. We are working on an add-on device that will reduce the maximum force the pedal will read by half. Until this solution is available, calibrate the brake pedal to its maximum force.
If you are not able to get your LC27 load cell to operate properly with any particular title, contact us and we will help you through the process and find a solution.

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