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Calibrating the Thrustmaster TH8A and TH8RS Shifter for the Ricmotech TMSS Short Shift Adapter
Usually the TH8A shifter ships calibrated from the factory where it works correctly with our short-shift modification plate, but in some instances it does not. If you find that you have to p
How do I take apart the Logitech pedals?
We have made a video tutorial on how to dismantle the Logitech pedals to invert mount them or install the Load Cell Kit.  
How to Calibrate your Pedals when Using a Load Cell
In most racing titles, the analog axis must be calibrated. On some titles and platforms the settings are remembered, and for others it must be done every time the sim is started. In the same way the
I installed the LC27 load cell but the pedal acts backwards or will not maintain calibration.
****This only pertains to our original LC27 load cell. The newer LC27-2, version 2 of the LC27, does not have this problem. To resolve this problem, you can order the V1 to V2 upgrade kit.***** This
I'm using the T500W2G27P adapter cable and the gas and clutch pedal are switched.
The ThrustMaster TX and T300 wheels have a mode button which is used to switch the position on the gas and clutch pedals. If you experience that these pedals are switched and incorrect you can press a
Is my internet connection good enough for online sim-racing?
We often get asked how good does the internet connection have to be to sim-race online on titles such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor and the like. The answer may surprise you. One would think the
Some of your products are made to order, do I have to pay up front?
No. If you are paying with a credit or debit card, we will only take an authorization on the card and will not bill your account until the order is ready to ship. Please know that most banks will rese
The Body Mechanics of Braking Accuracy
There has always been a lot of talk about improving braking accuracy in sim-racing. There are many kits and home-brew mods out there and all of them seem to work. In this blog entry, we are goin
What can i do to improve the Logitech G27 shifter?
We have made a video tutorial on how to improve the shift feel of the Logitech G27 shifter.  
What fluid goes into the RealGear brake?
We do not use brake fluid since it is hazardous. Instead we use power steering fluid which is less hazardous. We still recommend against leaving it accessible to pets and children. If your simulation
When using a load cell, do I need to re-calibrate the pedals every time I enter the sim?
This is normal behavior for the G27 and it actually happens with all 3 pedals. Next time you get into the sim try pressing the gas just a little and you will see it goes to 100% also. You don't
Why is there a shipping charge for the RS1 Do-It-Yourself simulator plans?
The do-it-yourself (DIY) cockpit plans include full size cutting templates which we print and check for accuracy. The RS1 DIY plans are not available for download. To reduce shipping costs of the plan