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How do I take apart the Logitech pedals?
We have made a video tutorial on how to dismantle the Logitech pedals to invert mount them or install the Load Cell Kit.  
How to Calibrate your Pedals when Using a Load Cell
In most racing titles, the analog axis must be calibrated. On some titles and platforms the settings are remembered, and for others it must be done every time the sim is started. In the same way the
I installed the LC27 load cell but the pedal acts backwards or will not maintain calibration.
****This only pertains to our original LC27 load cell. The newer LC27-2, version 2 of the LC27, does not have this problem. To resolve this problem, you can order the V1 to V2 upgrade kit.***** This
When using a load cell, do I need to re-calibrate the pedals every time I enter the sim?
This is normal behavior for the G27 and it actually happens with all 3 pedals. Next time you get into the sim try pressing the gas just a little and you will see it goes to 100% also. You don't