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Next Level Racing Traction Plus Motion Platform

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Incredible immersion and precision, superb technology
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The Next Level Racing Traction Plus Motion Platform is truly a world class product designed to close that gap between the track/tarmac and simulation with a product and experience like no other motion simulator before it. The sliding concept and technology has only ever been seen before in the highest level professional race teams often with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or in many cases over million dollar budgets. The Traction Plus was designed and developed in collaboration with a world class motion engineering team to deliver an unrivalled motion experience. To achieve the ultimate realism and precision this has required completely unique technology and engineering with a product designed from the ground up over the course of 4 years that includes over 2000 components. The platform has been designed and developed purely for simulation rather than just using commercial actuators and adapting to simulation. The Next Level Racing Traction Plus Motion Platform is more than just a rear traction loss system, it's designed to combine with the Motion Platform V3 to provide a ground-breaking motion simulator experience.

Delivery of this item is restricted to the contiguous United States. If you would like to receive this item outside this area, please make arrangements with a freight forwarding company.

Within the US the delivery is curbside only via freight truck. The item will arrive in three boxes on a pallet. The pallet may be cut open to hand unload each box individually. Each box is a two-person carry so please be prepared.

Compatible Products
Next Level Racing GTtrack
Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Pro (coming 2019)
Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3
DIY cockpits
Adaptors for other brand of cockpits in the near future.

Compatible Games

The Next Level Racing® Motion Platform Manager Software is basically compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC. The Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software is continuously getting updated with new compatible titles as they hit the market and our list of compatible games will continue growing.

Assetto Corsa
DiRT 4 *
DiRT Rally 2.0 *
DiRT Rally *
F1 2018
F1 2019
Project CARS
RaceRoom Racing Experience *
rFactor 2

DCS World
Flight Simulator X
IL2 Great Battles Series
X-Plane 10
X-Plane 11

[*] under-steer is disabled due to inconsistency in telemetry data

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In Stock Qualifies for Free Shipping

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