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Phone Cradle for Thrustmaster Wheel Bases

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Use your phone as a digital dahsboard
Part Number: RMT-PH-TM1
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We have always been bothered by the clumsy mounting of cell phones used as sim-racing dashboards and decided to do something about it. What we came up with was a cradle that allows you to use your personal phone as a dash screen and have it placed exactly where you need it. You simply start your favorite app on your phone and drop it into the phone mount. The cradle locates the phone so it is properly centered in the screen opening framed by a "data logger" shaped bezel. The cradle will work with most phones up to a 5" screen and some slightly larger screens will work with only a partially obscured edge (up to 5.2" screens). The cradle also has clearance for a charging cable.

The cradle is made of sturdy ABS plastic with a carbon fiber screen over the front. The plastic, unlike metal, does not interfere with wireless connectivity.

There are dozens of apps available on iOS and Android stores that work with many games on PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox. Please download and test the apps prior to purchasing the cradle to be sure your phone will work properly. Ricmotech cannot provide support for these apps and we cannot accept returns on the cradle for app related reasons.

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