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AP-Xtreme 1000 Simulator Starter Package

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Ready-to-Assemble for Use with PlayStation or Xbox
Part Number: APX-1000-PKG1
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The AP-Xtreme 1000 starter package is ideal for sim-racing on a PC, Xbox or PlayStation (PS3 & PS4). This racing simulator setup includes everything needed to get started except the TV and PC/Xbox/PlayStation. Perfect for all PC racing titles such as iRacing, rFactor, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, RaceRoom, and many, many more. Also ideal for Xbox and PlayStation titles such as Gran Turismo, Forza, F1, NASCAR, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and more. The racing simulator setup package is delivered with everything needed ready to be assembled. All components are tested and any firmware updates are installed prior to shipping.

APX-1000 Sim Racing Chassis

The Chassis

The basis of this PlayStation/Xbox/PC racing setup is the AP-Xtreme 1000 chassis. From its inception, the chassis was designed to have the correct GT racing position. Instead of the "bus driver" position common to most other simulator chassis on the market, Ricmotech has taken careful measurements of real-world race cars and developed a sleek design while staying true to reality. This chassis has the flexibility to mount almost any piece of sim-racing equipment available today and in the future.

Simulator Chair

The Seat

The package includes a fixed-back bucket seat for the most authentic look and fit, or an optional reclining seat which has an authentic look but with some added comfort. No matter which one you choose, the seats include sliding rails to make fitting the simulator to different height drivers a snap.

Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara Wheel

The Wheel

When you're dealing with tough roads and crucial maneuvering, you need an edge over the competition. The T300 (PlayStation/PC) or the TX (Xbox/PC) Racing Wheel from Thrustmaster is a force feedback racing wheel that allows you to immerse yourself in your racing games on your PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, or Xbox. These smooth and powerful force-feedback wheels offer several realistic features.

Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals

The Pedals

The pedals we have included in this package are nothing to laugh at. We start with the hefty T3PA-PRO pedals and add our renowned load cell modification. This upgrade makes the brake pedal respond to the amount of force being applied to the pedal rather than the amount of movement in the pedal. This makes for remarkable accuracy and repeatability.

Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter

Optional Shifter

Add a shifter to complete the driving experience. The robust Thrustmaster TH8A shifter has all metal construction so you can bang through the gates with confidence. It has an H-pattern and a sequential shift plate to let you use the shifter with various cars. The shifter has optional interchangeable knobs and an optional shirt-shift kit that make is a true pleasure to use.

Apex Upgradability


This chassis is designed to be fully upgradable, so your setup can grow as your passion for sim-racing grows. Not only can you upgrade the wheel pedals and shifter, but you can upgrade to any and all the accessories below. The simplicity of the slotted rails allows a multitude of options to be added. It truly is the ultimate in modularity.

  • Single on-board monitor mount
  • Triple on-board monitor mount
  • Switch and button panel
  • Hand Brake
  • Multiple ButtKicker, Earthquake and/or Clark Synthesis shakers
  • Speaker mounts
  • Instrument cluster

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