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Ricmotech Mini-Mite Direct-Drive Steering System Base

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The core of the MiniMite steering system
Part Number: RMT-MM-BASE
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Feel more connected with the road than ever before with this small yet powerful and responsive force-feedback steering system. The latest technology in sim steering systems today is direct-drive force feedback and this direct-drive base is part of a complete system we have engineered to be as responsive as possible. We take the benefits of direct-drive a step further by engineering it with the lowest rotating mass possible. This sim-racing wheel base has a stout 16Nm of peak torque combined with the lightest internal rotating assembly which enables the driver to feel even the tiniest of details.

In much the same way reducing the mass of an engine's internals improves its responsiveness by allowing it to accelerate and decelerate quicker, the same applies to our force feedback motor assembly. Our design concept of keeping the rotating mass low enables the wheel to accelerate and decelerate quickly when needed thereby resulting in a more responsive wheel. Direct-drive technology has been touted as being the best because there are no gears and belts between the motor and the steering wheel, thereby creating a direct link to the driver's hands. Ricmotech takes this a step further by eliminating excessive mass between the motor and the driver's hands. The Mini-Mite is simply the most direct direct-drive simulator steering system available.

We start with a direct-drive motor that has the smallest shaft length and smallest diameter rotor available and we created the connection to the wheel to be as lightweight as possible. The hybrid motor at the core of the Mini-Mite has a torque output that is unsurpassed by any other direct-drive systems of its size. We custom fabricate a milled aluminum flange for mounting the wheel and refrain from using overweight extensions and adapters which would create muddy sensations in the force feedback. When this direct-drive motor is combined with one of our lightweight wheel rims the result is a smooth and responsive sensation which makes you feel better connected to the road.

An additional benefit to our design is the slim profile of the direct-drive motor itself. This enables better placement of monitors and gauges by practically eliminating clearance issues.

The direct drive sim steering wheel base is driven by the powerful SimCommander software which has the greatest amount of adjustability of any direct drive wheel on the market. The software can be used to configure the wheel and then closed which lets the wheel work connected directly to the game software or SimCommander can be left running to tailor the force-feedback effects to enhance the immersion. SimCommander also includes a SimVibe license used to drive vibration transducers such as ButtKicker and Earthquake shakers mounted at the wheel or throughout your sim-rig to increase the feedback and immersion of your sim.

Tuned by Bryan Heitkotter

New: Now available to all MiniMite owners are specialized tune profiles created by Bryan Heitkotter specifically for the MiniMite's low-inertia characteristics. Bryan's unique path to road racing success began in the virtual world. After an intense on-line and in-person gaming competition against nearly 54,000 online players, Bryan advanced to the final week of the first North American Nissan GT Academy competition, held at the legendary Silverstone Circuit in 2011. Driving real cars and competing in physical and mental challenges, the final event was a wheel-to-wheel race around the full Grand Prix circuit.

Taking the victory in his first ever race, Bryan won the GT Academy competition and embarked on a six-month Driver Development Program in Europe, racing Nissan 370Zs primarily with RJN Motorsport in the UK. Bryan’s race to win GT Academy appeared on Speed as a five-part reality television program. Bryan's unique path in racing makes him particularly sensitive of the performance of properly tuned sim equipment. Bryan has dedicated dozens of hours performing comparison testing with various settings across a multitude of cars and tracks bringing a whole new vibrance to the MiniMite steering system.

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