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Red Label Ricmotech Sim-Racing PC

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Purpose built PCs to handle the demands of racing simulators
Part Number: RMT-SRPC-1M
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Red Label PC Built Specifically for Sim Racing

At Ricmotech we build PCs for a purpose, more specifically for sim-racing. We take a different approach to building custom PCs. Rather than asking the customer to tell us which components they want in their new PC, we consider how you want to use it.

This PC is ideally suited for a single display up to 4K UHD, triple HD displays or an Oculus head mounted display. The standard configuration has been selected to run iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor2 and other system intensive sim-racing titles. We have also carefully selected the internal components to perform optimally with the various pieces of sim-racing controls available. We do this so you can be sure your wheel, pedals, shifter, displays, button boxes, gauges, shakers and more work without conflicts.

Optionally, you may select upgraded components to have additional headroom for the future needs of newer software titles. Here is a description of the various components that can be upgraded and how they can improve performance. They are listed starting with the items that have the biggest impact.

Graphics Processor (GPU)

We proudly use NVidia graphics processors in every system we build. The GeForce RTX2070 handles the intense graphics demands of all top sim-racing titles. This graphics processor has been tested to handle the demands of triple monitor and VR sim-racing.

System Memory (RAM)

System memory is the fast responding storage that holds information about the current race. Not having enough system memory can have the biggest effect on overall system performance because the PC has to store some of this information in the slower storage memory drive of the computer. We use gaming grade DDR4 Dual-Channel memory for blazing fast performance. 16GB of system memory is sufficient to handle the system requirements for all the top sim-racing software titles. As these titles are updated or newer titles are released, the amount of recommended system memory may increase so we include enough memory to handle the increases in demand.

System Processor (CPU)

The system processor is responsible for all the calculations of the current race and other background tasks. Having a processor that cannot complete these calculations in the amount of time the software requires it has undesirable effects. The Core i5 3.4Ghz processor exceeds the recommended requirements of all the top sim-racing titles available today.

Networking Options (WiFi)

All Ricmotech Sim-Racing PCs include Gigabit Ethernet for a lightning fast connection to your internet router. While wireless connection is not recommended, we understand that sometimes a direct connection is not possible. This is why we include wireless capability for connecting your sim-racing PC to the internet. Please be aware that a direct Cat6 cable connection is the best latency free option.

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