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SimSteering V2 Force Feedback System (53) Kit

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Our most powerful Direct-Drive Steering System
Part Number: BOD-SS2-53
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The SimSteering V2 is a high-performance force feedback sim steering system for professional use. Developed over a period of years, the high precision and completely linear response coupled with high strength provides the ultimate in realistic steering force feedback for all types of driving.

Typical applications of the SimSteering V2 force feedback system include: Race car training simulators, Road car training, Public display simulators (such as static F1 show cars etc), Off-road and military vehicle training. The system is used by many teams participating in race series including F1, GP2, F3, LMP1, LMP2, GT and WTCC.

Features High precision and strength industrial grade brushless servo motor (53). Smooth, precise, reliable and compact, the high quality servo motor provides up to 20.5Nm of torque and has an incredibly high resolution feedback system. Real world steering forces can be translated to the driver in a powerful yet controlled way. Simple Plug and Play setup. The system may look complicated but it is in fact very easy to setup and use. Once the motor is mounted and all the cables are plugged in you can switch it on and use. No drivers or plugins are required. The system is a generic force feedback device working through DirectX so if a game outputs force feedback there is a very high probability that it will work straight away. The system has a huge adjustable steering lock range. The design of our system could allow almost any amount of lock imaginable however it has been set at a maximum limit in the firmware to 1500°. If your application requires a higher amount of lock than this please contact us.

The standard motorsport bolt patterns featured on the shaft clamp adaptor allows you to attach almost any steering wheel or adapt a steering column to fit. The compact servo motor is separated from the power/control box by two 2 metre cables allowing it to be mounted remotely at the end of a cockpit or frame with the box hidden away from view. We also include an optional adjustable mounting bracket which may be suitable for certain applications.

We offer the complete kit including the mounting bracket and shaft adapter clamp so it is ready to receive a steering wheel and be ready to use.

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