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Thrustmaster T-LCM Three Pedal Set

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Thrustmaster flagship pedals
Part Number: THR-TLCM
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The Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals are the new flagship pedals of the Thrustmaster Ecosystem. The brake pedal features a load cell force sensor that reads the amount of force applied to the brake, just like in real cars. The gas and clutch pedals feature Hall Effect sensors that have an infinite number of cycles with zero wear. The pedals feature an all-metal pedal face and pedal arm for stability and the pedal faces are adjustable.

The pedals include six springs to create a multitude of quick adjustments to the mechanical pedal force. Adjust the pedal force to your liking based on the mounting configuration. The pedals can be adjusted for use with a desk or table as well as with racing cockpits. The pedals can even be mounted inverted in the Ricmotech AP-Xtreme simulator cockpits for serious PC racing.

The pedal faces can be adjusted up and down and side-to-side. The downloadable calibration software even lets the user set dead zones on each pedal as desired.

Includes cables for both USB and RJ connections.

*inverted functionality may not work with all console games.

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