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Professional-Grade Sequential Shifter

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Built in conjunction with Quaife in the UK
Part Number: QFE-SL2
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Quaife has long produced some of the finest racing gearboxes in the industry. Quaife has turned their attention to racing simulation and has adapted their craft to suit it. Other simulation shifters lack the proper mass behind them, or rather, underneath them to truly feel like gears are being shifted. The Pro-Sim line of shifters by Quaife uniquely accomplishes this by incorporating a true dog-box style shifter mechanism. This is what gives this Pro-Sim sequential shifter its heft. When you pull the handle on this Quaife sequential shifter, you aren't simply moving a stick from one spot to another, you are moving an entire shifter linkage just like there would be in an actual gearbox.

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In Stock Qualifies for Free Shipping

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