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RealGear GTpro1-S Triple Overhung Mount Wilwood Edition 3-Pedal Set

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Made wit Genuine Wilwood pedal frames
Part Number: RGR-GTPP1SW-S
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When we set out to create the most realistic set of sim-racing pedals the obvious choice was to start with a set of real racing pedals. For this configuration we start with a Wilwood pedal assembly for both the brake and the clutch. Get the feel of real GT style pedals from the GTpro1 Wilwood edition pedals. All RealGear products are made using real motorsport equipment to bring the authentic racing experience to your sim-racing setup.

RealGear Simulator Pedals QuoteThrottle Pedal

The throttle pedal has been designed to match the brake and clutch pedal in position and geometry. A unique pedal face facilitates heel-toe down shifting and a stiff return spring provides tactile feedback. A linear sensor applies power smoothly and predictably.

Brake Pedal

The brake pedal has been designed to replicate the same mechanics that occur in a real braking system. For this configuration we selected a Wilwood overhung mounted racing pedal and fitted it with a real cast aluminum master cylinder unit commonly used in racing. The resulting brake pedal requires a large amount of force to actuate, just as in real race cars. Since the driver must use their entire leg to operate this pedal, we have selected a pedal with an arm design and pivot point that follow the driver's leg motion. The master cylinder uses hydraulic fluid to interact with a specially modified slave cylinder which accurately replicated the mechanical flexing typically found in a braking system. An all-stainless steel industrial pressure sensor reads the hydraulic pressures in the braking system and sends this information to the ECU for further processing. User interchangeable resistance modules on the slave cylinder assembly let the user tailor the feel of the brake pedal from an economy street car to an F1 car and everything in between. As a result of our unique design, the pedal transmits every nuance of what happens in a real race car braking system. The unique sensation of the brake pads approaching the rotors, the moment the pads contact the rotors and the sensation of every component of the braking system flexing and stressing slow down the car gives the driver valuable feedback not available in any other pedal set on the market today.

The pedals are set up to feel like the brakes in a race-prepped street car. Add the Tuning Kit for ultimate tunability. The Tuning Kit includes additional urethane bushings to create a total of 10 firmness settings to replicate everything from economy street car brakes to heavy NASCAR racing brakes.

Clutch Pedal

GTpro Clutch SpringWe are especially proud of the clutch pedal. Clutch pedals have a unique feel all to themselves and we wanted to make sure we got that sensation correct. Again, we analyzed what mechanical components contribute to the sensation of the clutch pedal, specifically a race car clutch pedal. Ordinary street vehicles use a complex spring mechanism under the dashboard of the car to assist the driver in holding down the clutch pedal. This is helpful when the car is in stop and go traffic or simply stopped at an intersection. The purpose of this complex spring mechanism is to make the pedal lighter during its second half of travel, resulting in a soft-hard-soft pedal feel at it is moved from fully engaged to fully disengaged. Most other high-end sim-racing pedal sets on the market employ a complex spring mechanism on the clutch pedal to simulate this sensation. However, this complex mechanism is not only absent from a pure race car, it would also prevent the driver from smoothly releasing the pedal. In a pure race car clutch, the only forces acting back on the pedal is the clutch pressure plate spring. This spring, called a diaphram spring, is unique in itself as it gradually requires less effort the further it is flattened. The RealGear clutch pedal uses similar springs with high initial effort, while reducing the force required as the disc is flattened. This creates the most realistic sensation of a race car clutch pedal which provides the correct feedback to nail every shift . . . every time! Depressing the clutch pedal actuates a pneumatic master cylinder which utilizes a pressure sensor, rather than a position sensor to uniquely determine clutch engagement the way a real hydraulic clutch system operates.

Electronic Control Unit

The pedals interface with the PC via an ECU, the most advanced pedal control unit on the market. With a 16mhz microcontroller at its core which receives all the position readings from the pedals and processes them prior to sending them to the PC over the USB port. The ECU is capable of performing over 15,000 pedal reads per second and analyzes this abundance of information to extrapolate the most smooth and accurate pedal position information possible. The ECU is capable of sending up to 1,000 pedal position updates to the PC every second, but only when needed in order to conserve bandwidth. When the pedals are held in a steady position, updates to the PC are not required, this permits other USB devices to send data uninterrupted.

Ricmotech Hydraulic PedalsThe ECU stores configuration parameters and profile settings in non-volatile EEPROM memory. These settings are retained even if the pedals are unplugged and even if moved to a different PC. The pedals allow the user to create five different configuration profiles and store them in the ECU for easy retrieval. In addition, using a simple programming switch, the pedals can be configured without the need for software and without exiting from the game. Each pedal has individually configurable dead zones and linearity curves. The brake and throttle have adjustable smoothing settings to get the smoothest pedal response for each individual's driving style. The clutch can be disabled when not in use to allocate more processing power to the other pedals. In addition, there is a port for an optional handbrake which has many of the same adjustable parameters.

The pedals are designed to custom mount into your sim-racing rig. A custom over-foot mounting structure will be required for mounting these pedals properly.

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