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Virtual Race Car Experience 2-Hour Special

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Promotional Experience
Part Number: SIM-PROMO-2HR
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This session is for those looking to get a full race driver experience in our professional grade full motion simulator. The session includes a professional race car driver as your instructor. The session teaches the basics of race driving techniques with a step by step guide. The driver then gets strapped into the simulator to get a feel for the car. The instructor provides turn by turn instruction on where to line up for a corner and when to apply brakes, rolling the car through the corner and getting back on the power to achieve maximum speed the same way real drivers do it on track.

This session is perfect for those drivers wanting to learn high-performance driving techniques in a safe environment. The techniques learned in this session can be applied on-track with similar results.

This special promotional session puts the driver behind the wheel of their choice of one of the two most popular cars driven by racing enthusiasts. Choose from the Mazda MX-5 Cup racecar or the Formula 2000. Drive these cars on one of the three local Florida tracks, Homestead-Miami Road Course, Sebring International Raceway, or the Daytona Road Course. No matter which one you choose it will end up being the most fun you ever had on no wheels!

We can provide a certificate to print at home if you are buying this as a gift. Please contact us.